About Maureen McHugh

Maureen McHugh

Maureen McHugh is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. She has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method since 1991. She works full-time and offers both group and individual instruction.

Maureen came to the Method, like many of her clients, after a sports injury. Also like many of her clients, after the injury she tried several approaches, including physical therapy, chiropractic,  massage and hypnosis. She had a positive experience with each. And yet the nagging pain was still there. When a friend referred her to Feldenkrais, she found the approach that fully relieved the pain, opened up new doors in sports and music, and launched her on a new career.

Several of Maureen’s students were polled to find out what makes her a good teacher. Here are some of their replies:

  • She adapts her approach and style to each individual.
  • She has an innate sense of what you need, and she helps you see it too.
  • She pushes you when you need it, but she doesn’t overwhelm.
  • She is gentle and kind.
  • She is creative and approaches each problem with a full toolkit. She might show you a picture, give you a surprising movement to do, have you visualize something, have you play with a ball, etc.
  • She breaks everything into small pieces that build up to something bigger.
  • She has a sense of humor.