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 Using the Feldenkrais Method to Avoid Surgery

Whether or not to have surgery is a question usually requiring reflection, research and medical consultation. 

Although the Feldenkrais Method is not a medical approach, but a training system, falling under the heading of “somatic education,” many people have taken advantage of our approach to avoid surgery. 

It is a very personal decision and hard to generalize about the persons for whom this has worked. 

One generalization, though, is that the Feldenkrais Method is most appropriate when you still feel that “you have time.” Whenever the surgery is immediately and obviously necessary, then, of course, you have to go ahead and do it. But there are many times when surgery is recommended, but you still have time before the situation is critical. During this time, you can explore what the Feldenkrais Method can do for you. 

We are mostly successful in those cases where a malfunction is identified in a specific joint, for instance, the shoulder, and, from a medical point of view, the dis-order is local – just the shoulder; but from a Feldenkrais point of view, the dis-order is systemic: the whole body is conducting itself in such a way that disharmony in the shoulder is the logical outcome. In these cases, the local disharmony is subordinate to the system-wide pattern. By making improvements in the system-wide pattern, we set up a ripple effect that improves the local condition. 

On rare occasions, this process works quickly. More often, it takes quite a while because the disharmony has been building up over many years. 


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