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12/2009. Here are Success Stories from 1992 - 2006. Photos weren't so widely used on the web then, so these rely for illustration on clip art. During these years I called the Success Stories "Case Studies." Also people were more cautious about putting their name on the web, so these stories mostly use pseudonyms.

Table of Contents for the Case Studies

 These are all true stories from my own practice. Most often I have changed the names to protect the privacy of the client/student. All other details are true.

1. Relief from Pain

Journey of the New Me
March 2004

Kathleen Kerrigan was almost 40 and leading a professionally and athletically active life when she was wiped out by back pain. This is the story of how she got her life back.

The Vacation Story
August 2000

Lisa Hylton describes how five months of weekly Feldenkrais individual lessons greatly reduced 20 years of chronic muscle tension. First, she felt better at home and in the office; then she took a dream vacation!

My Hands and Shoulders Feel Good!
May 1999

Kate Raab, a forty-something Arlingtonian, describes her journey from mystery hand and shoulder pain to a new language of movement, improved posture, and a hopeful outlook for her anticipated eighties and nineties.

2. Avoid Surgery

"No thank you" to
Foot Surgery


Patrick Kelly., 70, was experiencing intense knee pain. His doctor gave him a referral to an orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed two severely collapsed arches of the feet. The surgeon strongly recommended surgery to both feet to create feet that would be perfectly shaped, and perfectly immobile. Patrick declined, saying, "There must be a better way."

Life Returns to the Left Ankle

Vivian G, in her mid-forties, was leading a life with too much pain and restriction. She had had a series of injuries to her left ankle. She came to Feldenkrais looking for an alternative to surgery, and she got what she wanted.

A Good Shoulder Again
March 2004

By taking group classes, Patrick Miller, a vigorous man in his late 60's, gradually regained freedom of movement in his right shoulder. When he joined the class, the shoulder had been restricted and painful, so much so that a surgeon had recommended exploratory surgery for rotator cuff damage. Over three years of weekly class, Patrick improved so much that he forgot that the right shoulder had been a source of pain and restriction.

"Puma Power"
2001A January


A military officer was making progress in releasing tensions in his low back so that he could meet his goal of avoiding back surgery. Suddenly, he announced that he had to discontinue his Feldenkrais training because he was being transferred to a command post in a war zone. He would, however, continue cultivating his "Puma Power."

Rotator Cuff Surgery Canceled

In the early 1990's I was working in a Physical Therapy clinic and met Barbara S., 70, who was scheduled for rotator cuff surgery within the week. By working cooperatively, the owner, Elizabeth Derringer, PT, and I restored her to full range of motion and she was able to cancel the surgery.


4. Living with a Neurological Condition

MS, & Connecting

In mid summer 2002, on her 29th birthday, Rebecca was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Shortly after the diagnosis, she began a regular practice of participating in Feldenkrais sessions. She can never go backward to her former, carefree life; but with the help of her Feldenkrais practice, she is still going forward.


6. Improving Quality of Life

6B. Better Posture

2001C July
July 2001

Lynn Turner, 56, grew 1 inch in 1 year. It's on the records in her doctor's office.


Doug Cochrane, retired pilot, found his way to better posture, which simultaneously relieved his back pain and gave him well-enjoyed strength for daily life.

6C. Personal Discoveries

Huge Difference
December 2005

Somehow, Elizabeth K, 65, had become very stiff. Although she loved to walk outdoors, she had become fearful that she might fall, and then not be able to get up again. By a process that she does not really understand, in the course of taking Feldenkrais classes for nearly 2 years, so many things have improved for her, including her confidence in being able to walk on the Earth.

Just a Small Pain
April 2004

Sarah, 35. a regular runner, came to Feldenkrais for help recovering from a teenage athletic injury. In the meantime, her investment in cultivating awareness paid off for her neck.

Short Takes

Here you can get a quick fix on what some students have experienced, both in group and private sessions.

August 2002

At 57, Sandy B. was feeling herself, all of a sudden, more akin to the "old folks" than to the children. But a series of discoveries that she made in the Feldenkrais classes brought her to feel new joy in movement, and in her life.

March 2002

Near the anniversary of her partner's death, while outside walking, Arlene W. was suddenly flooded with grief. She was able call on her new repertoire of body awareness to be more present and more honoring of her emotional truth.

2001C July
July 2001

Brigitte Davis, in her early 40's, found a new connection to gravity -- which gave her confidence in crossing a log over a creek.

6D. Expand!

The First Time
June 2004


At 47, Elizabeth M. did a backward roll for the first time. She had done all her preparations, not really knowing what she was preparing for, and then it just happened. It was fun!


7. Improving Performance

7A. Balance

My Balance
March 2004


At 27, Carrie Henley was still dealing with insecurities in her balance brought on by a childhood injury to her left foot. After a few private sessions, she was gratified to be feeling some improvement. Then Life gave her a real test and she passed!

7B. Music

Piano Plus
January 2006

Stephanie M. was looking for a way to accelerate her growth in playing the piano. She especially loved playing boogie woogie. She found a teacher who had a passion for "whole body awareness" and who introduced her to Feldenkrais.