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    Gift Sessions   


Do you have someone close to you who would feel much better if he or she would try the Feldenkrais Method?

Is that person picky and wanting to work only with a caring and experienced Practitioner?"

Would that person welcome a gift certificate?

If yes, then I recommend that you purchase a gift certificate from me. I bet it will be well-loved.

The fee is $110 for a 50 minute session.

Here is the Gift Certificate:

Here are the details:

1. Send me the relevant information. Here is the Gift Session Order Form.

2. Pay by sending me a check or through PayPal's Email Invoice.

The PayPal format is "Email Invoice." The process goes like this:

1) You call or email to say that you want to pay like this. You tell me how many sessions you want to buy. You also give me your email address.
2) I go into my PayPal account and send you an invoice via email.
3) You receive the email. It includes a link that when you click on it takes you to PayPal.
4) At PayPal, you pay either through your PayPal account or, if you don't have such an account, directly by credit card.

3. I mail or email the certificate to the recipient with copy to you.

4. New possibilities are underway.