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Lessons in Awareness through Movement (ATM)



In our Feldenkrais classes we are often on the floor, and we often do rolling movements. It's a nice way to unwind!

We have a beautiful room at Arlington County's Barcroft Sport & Fitness Center. It is called the Wellness Room, and it is a dance studio with a sprung wooden floor, mirrors, and a ballet barre. It is, I feel, very elegant.

The County supplies the mats which, as you can see, are nice and wide for rolling. Students are asked to bring a towel to place on top of the mat and to wear socks. Some also bring a small pillow.



Each Feldenkrais lesson is an exploration of a theme.

At left we are studying how one transitions from lying on the side to lying on the back. The students are exploring the variation of holding the top arm in the air as they transition.

On the right we are at the end of the same lesson. The sequence has developed into a big swinging movement. As the student rolls to the right, she looks to the center of the earth, her left arm lengthens on the forward diagonal while the left leg extends backward and rotates inward. In the next moment she will exchange all: roll backwards, look to the ceiling, extend the arm back and the leg forward. She's feeling good!


Here is some more about the classes:

Meditative movement
You are moving throughout the class, but you are not "exercising" in a traditional sense. The focus of the movement is on the inner awareness of sensation. I frequently ask you questions such as,

bullet"How do you feel doing the movement as you do it now?
bulletCould you do it somehow so you would be more comfortable?
bulletAre you breathing?
bulletObserve your natural way of coordinating these two body parts. Could you coordinate differently?
bulletRest. Please try more fully to "do nothing on purpose".


Non-competitive environment
You will be working on your own while enjoying the company of like-minded explorers. There is nothing external to achieve.

I encourage you to attend to your own comfort level and do what is right for you. 

Range of positions
We often lie on the floor on the back and not always. We sometimes lie on the side or the stomach. If you need a chair or help getting up or down, we have chairs and someone will help you.

We also stand, sit, and sometimes kneel.

Not everybody can do everything. Each person does what he or she can.

Class logistics
Please bring a towel to lay on top of the mat and wear socks.
Wear loose, comfortable, layered clothing; and women, you will probably be more comfortable in pants rather than a skirt.

Since I give the instructions verbally and do not demonstrate, you need to be able to understand spoken English and to hear while lying down.

Sorry, only registered members of the class may attend; there is no provision for drop-in participation or for visitors or observers.

Each class includes a continuum of experience levels, from beginners to people who have been taking the class every Quarter for several years.