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If you or your family member is unable to come to me, I will come to you.

I can help in all those situations where the interested person cannot leave the house, or prefers not to.

Most commonly people have asked me to work on restoring functional activities, especially balance and walking.

If the family is not too acoustically sensitive, sometimes I SING with my clients. It is fun and helps to restore healthy breathing patterns and, thus, to improve balance.

For a 50-minute session, I charge twice my in-office rate. So, the current home health rate is $220. Please, will you have the check ready to give me as I arrive. I can also take payment by Mastercard or Visa. (I do it through my iPhone.)

I am happy to discuss your situation on the phone prior to a first visit.

     At eighty-six Mimi is still fiercely independent. But, unfortunately, her vision and balance have declined and so she can no longer drive. But in fine weather, she walks, on her own, every day. She enjoys her walks even more, though, on the days that I share them with her.

      The walker that her daughter found really helps with the outdoor walks. I have helped Mimi problem-solve the challenges of navigating with it. Curbs and leaves are a challenge when you don't see well. We also use it, outdoors, for standing exercises.

     In cold weather, Mimi and I stay inside and work on her balance. We sometimes stand at the kitchen counter and sometimes in an open space in the living room. Sometimes also we sing together! It makes work fun.

     Mimi is very grateful for the gains she has made through our work together. Her balance has definitely improved.

March 2009