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Individual Sessions:

Lessons in Functional Integration (FI)



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  Individual sessions offer you the benefits of

     * one-on-one attention
     * connection through touch
     * privacy
     * flexibility to your schedule

The touch is gentle and non-invasive. You stay clothed throughout.

Another name that we use for Individual Sessions is "Lessons in Functional Integration" (FI). "Functional Integration" summarizes the intent to bring you into a state of more complete whole body and whole self integration. FI is the name that Feldenkrais used while he was alive. At that time it would have seemed too proud to use his own name.

The work through touch has many special attributes. To begin with, it is often soothing. It can, though, also be energetic and invigorating.  It gives an opportunity for tensions to release in a profound way. It cam bring you into a new state of self knowing, something very physical and also with distinct emotional elements. Ii offers its own unique form of connection between two people -- you and me. Old memories may resurface. It is full of discoveries! 

During FI, I often work some of the time through spoken instruction, as during the group class. In other words, this is a time when you are more active, like light exercise. This is also a time when we can focus on homework for you, if you want some.


Some people take individual sessions only, some take them as preparation for the group class, and some in combination with the group class.

I recommend that you schedule an FI before taking a group class. This is especially important if you have a marked chronic or acute condition, or if you have any other individual needs. In this first private session, we evaluate and make a plan.

  "Who many sessions will it take?" 

There is no set number of sessions.

To begin, it will take one session. You don't know, and no one knows, what Feldenkrais is when you come for the first time. So, you have to try one session and see how it suits you.

During the first session, as we are drawing to a close, if you feel that you wish to continue, then I will suggest a plan. This is completely custom, but there are patterns. I may recommend that you come twice a week for a number of weeks or weekly or every other week. It is best to begin more intensively and then taper off. A new understanding is a like a plant, and a baby -- they need a lot of attention in the beginning.

Budget always plays a role! We always have to adapt to that. If your budget does not allow further private sessions, you can probably begin immediately with the group classes.

If you are interested primarily in the group classes, then it is also to your advantage to do a few private sessions. During the group class I am watching you and learning about you. I always see spots where I can offer you something as an individual.,

  Sharing a session 

Up to 4 people may book an Individual Session together. I will run the session as a group class. In other words, I will guide you by voice. The fee is the same as for one person.


My office is in the Landmark section of Alexandria. It is in Landmark Tower, a high rise across Duke Street from Landmark Mall. The building is mostly residential, but the first three floors are commercial. I am on the third floor.

Maureen McHugh
Feldenkrais Practitioner
Landmark Tower
101 S. Whiting Street #306
Alexandria, VA 22304


1. From 395 take Exit 3A, Duke Street. 
2. Move quickly as far right as possible. Take the first right onto S.Walker Street. Best Buy is to your right (on the SW corner).
3. Right at the next intersection, Stevenson Road
4. Right at the next intersection, S. Whiting Street
5. You will see the high rise immediately on your left. The sign says Landmark Towers 'Apartments'; it would be more accurate, but longer, to say 'Apartments and Offices'.


There is plenty of free, convenient, outdoor parking. There is parking on three sides of the building plus on Whiting Street.

At the entrances to the parking lot there are fierce signs that warn of towing. Please do not worry about these! They only tow at night (9pm - 6am) or if you park so that you occupy more than one space.


I charge $115 for a regular 50 minute session. I charge $175 for a long, 75 minute session. I also offer a Short Session, $85 for 35 minutes.
     You can pay by cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express.
     My preference is check.. The check is payable to Maureen McHugh.
     If you write your check in advance, then we don't use session time for this task.


The regular session is 50 minutes long. I also offer a long session for 75 minutes.

I usually begin on the hour and end at 10 minutes before the next hour. Sometimes, though, I begin on the half hour and end at 20 minutes past the next hour.

I have a comfortable waiting area that I share with my office neighbor, Sharon Stevenson of Yoga Birth and Beyond. Sharon teaches yoga to pregnant women and Moms with infant babies. So, depending on the day, you may share the waiting area with some newborns and their Moms. Very endearing!


Please wear loose, comfortable, layered clothing, suitable for light exercise.
     It is helpful to me if your top is plain in texture--without woven ridges or printed designs. When I work through touch, you stay clothed and a simpler texture in your clothing is less confusing to my hand.
     You will be more comfortable in baggy pants rather than tight jeans.
     I also appreciate it if you wear, or bring, clean socks. I often work through the feet, and I appreciate fresh socks. This is especially important if you wear boots or sandals.

  Cancellation policy 

I make an appointment with you with a 24 hour cancellation policy. You may make any changes with 24 hours notice. Short of that, I charge you the whole fee.

This is a mutual commitment. If I cancel with less than 24 hours notice, I give you a free session.

If there is a weather advisory -- snow, heavy wind, or driving rain -- personal and public safety considerations take priority, and the 24 hour policy is lifted. Safety first!


I do not routinely provide a receipt because most people do not ask for one. If you need one, however, I am happy to send you one by email.

Some people have Flexible Medical Spending accounts. I am happy to provide statements for these on a summary basis, such as quarterly. We agree together on the interval.