Case Study: "Just a Small Pain"
   Maureen McHugh, Feldenkrais Practitioner                                           703-751-2111

“Just a Small Pain”
by Maureen McHugh

April 2004

Sarah has been coming to a mixture of group and individual sessions for a couple years. At thirty-five she is juggling a full-time career, a family life with young children, and a commitment to regular running. In between she makes time for Feldenkrais lessons. Her goals is to untangle some tensions that have plagued her since an athletic injury while a teenager.

Recently, Sarah reported a small epiphany. She was sitting at her computer, where she often spends 10 hours a day.

“A couple days ago I felt this twinge in my neck. The amazing part was that it was so small, and yet I felt it. It wasn’t really a pain, but it was the beginning of one.

 I immediately checked out my feet. They were all cockeyed. So I put them in a more stable position. Then I was more able to easily lift my chest and sit more upright. My shoulders came down immediately. After that the pain in the neck just went away!  And I was able to keep on going.”