Maureen McHugh, Feldenkrais Practitioner       Overview of My Practice                    703-751-2111

Hello. My name is Maureen McHugh. I am a full-time Feldenkrais Practitioner. I have been trained by the Feldenkrais Guild of North America. I maintain certification through them.

 I met the Feldenkrais Method as a client. In my early thirties. I was still seeking relief from the pain brought on by a sports injury ten years earlier. Over a period of several years, I received a tremendous amount of benefit. I had been following a business career, and I decided to change. In practicing the Feldenkrais Method, my wish is to pass on the benefit that I have gained for myself to others.

 I teach individuals and groups. My clients and students are mostly adults between 20 and 80 -- although some are younger and some are older!

 I work with people who are living along the whole spectrum of physical condition: being very fit, suffering from pain and restriction, feeling stressed out, loving to move, living with a disability, recovering from stroke, recovering from an injury, and living with the consequences of a neurological condition.

 Everyone who gets benefit from the Feldenkrais Method has one attribute in common: he or she is willing to try something new.

My Office
      I have an office in the Landmark section of Alexandria, just off Route 395. This location is mainly for Individual Sessions. In the Feldenkrais work, individual sessions are called "Lessons in Functional Integration," FI for short. I do not do any insurance billing, and commonly the sessions are not covered by insurance, although people who have Flexible Medical Spending accounts usually do succeed in getting reimbursement. I work in this office on Tuesday Saturday. The address is Landmark Tower, 101 S. Whiting Street #306, Alexandria, VA 22304. 703-751-2111. See Locations.

Group Classes at a County Gym
    I teach 4 group classes a week, all through Arlington County Parks & Recreation and all at the Barcroft Sports & Fitness Center, 4200 S. Four Mile Run Drive. In the Feldenkrais work, group classes are called "Lessons in Awareness through Movement," ATM for short. There are 8 - 20 people in a class. The classes run by the Quarter, and you must sign up for the whole series. You can make up any missed class at any other class during the Quarter. Registration is through the County. I update my web site each Quarter with the new session dates. The weekly times are consistent: Tuesday 5 pm and 7:15 pm, Thursday 1 pm and Saturday 11 am. See Class Schedule.

Also at Barcroft: once a Quarter I do an Introductory class on Tuesday evening at 7:15 pm.

Home Health
    When a person cannot travel, I make house calls. Please see my page on Home Health.

Presentations to Groups
    I regularly make presentations to groups whose members may benefit from knowing more about the Feldenkrais Method. Please contact me to discuss your interest.