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Short Essays

In January 2003 I started writing a short essay for Page 1 of each Quarterly Schedule. Here they are.


This is the quarterly newsletter of our national organization. One of my articles is included in the Fall 2010 issue, "Making Space for the Unfamiliar."

     Here it is as a separate article on our national web site: "Making Space for the Unfamiliar"

     Here is the whole issue: SenseAbility Fall 2010

Notes on Applied Anatomy

In July 2009 I posted these notes that I wrote for my students.


 From January 2001 until January 2005 I published a Quarterly Newsletter, Wellness in Motion. Each newsletter had one feature essay, which I reproduce on this site. The printed version also had some standard text blocks that repeated each issue; these are omitted here.

Poems Etc.

Here are some poems and other expressions. Things that I like!