Up Turning V 2

  Maureen McHugh, Feldenkrais Practitioner                   Sample Lesson                                                          703-751-2111

1)  Preparation. Sit comfortably on the edge of a plain kitchen chair with your feet flat on the floor. Look in front of you and let your hands be in your lap.

2)  Your natural way.  Imagine that you hear a sound to your left. Gently and slowly, turn to look in the direction of the sound and then return to front. Repeat several times. Take care to turn only so far that there is no strain in your neck. Notice the place on the wall where your eyes are brought by the turning.

3)  A conscious variation. Cup your chin with your hands. Let the palms be at your chin, the fingers rest on the sides of your face, and your elbows rest on your chest. Gently turn the whole ensemble to the left only, several times. Turn as far as is comfortable and then back to the center. Notice that the shoulders now are moving with the head and eyes. Return to center, lower your arms and pause.

4)  Again, a natural way. Leaving your hands in your lap, turn to look to the left. In other words, repeat the first movement. Do you find any improvement?   

5)  Evaluation. Quite possibly, you found some improvement in the range of turning. This type of gentle, attentive action is what characterizes Feldenkrais movement explorations. We aim to achieve results by sacrificing effort and cultivating ease.


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