Case Studies: "Short Takes"
   Maureen McHugh, Feldenkrais Practitioner                                           703-751-2111

Short Takes

After the January 2002 "Feldenkrais and Yoga" workshop:
* Arlene was amazed that her left wrist had stopped hurting for the first time in months; even though we didn't work on the wrist.
* Kathleen was able to squat and keep both feet on the ground, something she had never been able to do and that felt really good to her.

Vicki came for private lessons because her neck and right shoulder hurt.
Vicki began the fifth lesson by plopping down in a chair next to me and announcing energetically, "I am doing much better!"
I was a little taken back and said, "And how do you know -- that you are doing much better?
She thought for a moment and then said, "Because I am forgetting that I have neck and shoulder pain."

Connie, a regular student in the group classes, says:
"Why do I keep coming? Because when I donít come, I feel bad, and when I do come, I feel better. What more can I say?"

Pete, a singer, sent e-mail:
"I did the movements you showed me, along with some chanting, before Saturday nightís concert. I think I sounded better and connected better with people than I ever have before!"

Sharon, a nurse with chronic pain commented:
This is not my practice life. I am fifty years old, and I have got to take care of myself. This Method gives me a way to do that."

Ralph, a 43 year old former football player with a painful back said:
"This is unique. This is really different. Itís not like what I usually do. But thatís what I am coming here for. Something different, to help me stretch out."

George, a 65-year-old computer executive announced:
"This is a thinking manís exercise."

Laura sent a postcard from Colorado:
"Thanks for the great work you did with my back. Iím hiking all day and sleeping comfortably everywhere."

Sandy, a massage therapist, wrote:
Okay, Feldenkrais method is wonderful and time-tested, but the important thing is that Maureen is a terrific teacher. I look forward to her classes because they are fun, and I always feel better afterwards.