Group Classes

A Sample Class

Beginning with balance

We often begin a group class by standing. One of our themes is balance. Extending the arms to the side helps with that. In the photo you see us beginning on two feet. The sequence progresses to one foot and then combinations with the arms and head. We also focus on the eyes. There is so much benefit to looking into the distance.


The opening scan

Next, we might walk, or sit, or kneel. But most often the next part is to lie down. This is a favorite! While externally doing nothing, inwardly you are active. I ask you to notice: 1) yourself in an overall way, 2) the contact with the mat and 3) breathing. We call this part “the scan” and come back to it several times during the class.


Exploring reaching

Next comes the movement part. In this class we worked on a theme about reaching with the arm. The sequence began with the lower body — twisting the legs to the left. Then comes rotation of the ribs also to the left. And then a slide of the head to the right, away from the reaching left arm. The elements develop progressively. In combination they make the reach of the arm easier and more satisfying.

Some details

  • I teach through Arlington County Parks & Recreation. Classes go by the Quarter. I teach the Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters.
  • Arlington County supplies the mats. They have kindly purchased Feldenkrais mats, which are wider than most exercise mats. The surface is a little slippery. You might like to wear “hospital socks” for the extra grip.
  • Arlington County requires that you bring a towel to place under your head. Crosswise is best.
  • You take off your shoes. Please wear socks.
  • As the movements are not demonstrated, you need to be able to hear while lying down, and to understand spoken English.
  • The group classes go by series. Sorry, drop-ins are not allowed.
  • Many people find they are more comfortable when they bring a small pillow to cushion their head.