Welcome to Wellness in Motion

Headshot with roses of Maureen McHughHello. My name is Maureen McHugh, and I teach the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education in Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Thanks for visiting my site.

Feldenkrais is a way that I can help you feel better — meaning, I can help you feel less in pain and more comfortable.

It is also I way that I can help you make progress toward your goals, such as improving your posture, balance, breathing, walking, sportsmanship and musicianship.

It is also a way that I can help you learn to help yourself.

The work takes place through Group Classes and Individual Sessions.

The basic idea of Feldenkrais is to start where you are, and from there make gradual improvements. Thus, it is good for everybody.

The main predictor of success is being interested in learning. Most people who come to Feldenkrais are in pain; I can help with certain kinds of pain. In particular, I can help when pain originates in patterns of movement that are not as good as they used to be. I can help you learn — or relearn — to use the body more as it was designed, in a better coordinated way, in a more relaxed way — and also in a more effective and powerful way.

The main approach is to cultivate awareness. This means:

1) to become more attentive and sensitive to what you are doing
2) to explore what other possibilities you may have
3) to learn more about anatomy and how the body is designed to work and
4) to improve the quality of what you do

For many people this process brings big benefits, such as relief from pain, expansion of horizons, and hope and joy.

Will Feldenkrais work for you? A great way to find out is to begin is with a single Individual Session. Usually in one session you, and I, can get a sense of whether this is a good direction for you. Alternatively, you could start with a Group Class. This is also a great introduction.

Are we not yet acquainted? I am hoping we will meet soon.