Group Classes, Online

I have been teaching Group Classes online, through Zoom, since April 2020.
It works well!
You may join at any time.

Here is a printable document with many details:
Invitation to take Online Feldenkrais Classes


The classes are an hour each.
* Tuesdays at 11 am
* Fridays at 9 am
* Saturdays at 11 am.
You may mix and match as you choose.


Single class. $20
Single class, first time. $12
Set of 10. $120
Set of 20. $200

The price is per person.
Members of the same household may pay jointly for a Set of 10, or Set of 20.

Payment Options 

#1 Preference: Zelle. Please use my email address: or phone number: 703-751-2111.

#2 PreferenceVenmo. My account is @Maureen-McHugh-Feldenkrais.

#3 PreferencePayPal. Use my email address:

#4 PreferenceCheck. Please make out to Maureen McHugh and mail to my home address:
Maureen McHugh.
5083 7th Road South Apt 202
Arlington, VA 22204

#5 PreferenceCredit. I am doing this through PayPal.

To register, and working with Zoom

To register, please send me an email.
You may attend as you wish. If you have a preference among the time choices, it will be nice for me to know.

Zoom is an app. If you do not already have it on your device, you must download it. You must also configure it to access your device camera and microphone; Zoom will guide you through that. If you need help getting connected the first time, I am happy to have a practice with you.

At 7 am each day I send the emails with that day’s Zoom invitations.

Please login five or ten minutes early, so we can start on time. I am there 10 minutes early. If you are early, too, we can visit.