Individual Sessions

A new client is sharing what has brought her to Feldenkrais
Maureen, on the left, is listening to a client bring her up-to-date on the events of the past week.

The Individual Session is a time together when we focus on what is going on with you right now and what improvements you would like to see take place.

We begin each session with conversation. During the initial session I ask you in some detail about your current situation and how it developed. In subsequent sessions you bring me up to date on developments since we last met.

The Individual Session is a completely custom process. I adapt to you.

 It is important to me to be clear that Feldenkrais is an educational process — a training process — and not medical treatment. Most people who come to me are in pain and have already seen many other practitioners, many of them medical professionals, where the process is treatment. I can help by bringing a different, educational approach.

The focus of Feldenkrais is cultivating awareness. By this we mean, chiefly, increasing awareness of your movement patterns and the factors that influence those patterns. In other words, we mean:

  • becoming more sensitive to what you do and how you do it
  • learning more about anatomy and how the body is designed to work
  • learning  movement patterns that improve how you live in the body that you have
  • working on being more often — and more fully — present in the moment. Many of our troubles come from not being sensitive to the body.  And some problems come from trying to do too many things at once!

We are looking to cultivate movement patterns that give you the experience of being

  • comfortable and safe
  • grounded
  • balanced
  • integrated from top to bottom
  • free to move in any direction
  • powerful and effective
  • efficient
  • resourceful

Below are responses to some Frequently Asked Questions.

if I am early, is there some place to wait?
A client seated in the waiting area is about to stand and enter the main room.
Client Amy, in her favorite pink socks, has been waiting for a few minutes in the waiting area that I share with my next-door office neighbor. We leave shoes outside, whenever possible.

Yes, there is a waiting area. I share it with my next door office neighbor.

While you are waiting, please no cell phone calls, nor food or drink.

If you are comfortable leaving your shoes outside, that helps to keep the room clean. I also ask that you wear socks.

When should I schedule an Individual Session?

Some people take Individual Sessions only, some take them as preparation for the group class, and some in combination with the group class.

Whenever possible, it is good to schedule an Individual Session before taking a group class. This is especially important if you have a marked chronic or acute condition, or if you have any other individual needs. In this first private session, we evaluate and make a plan.

How many sessions will it take?

There is no set number of sessions.

To begin, it will take one session. No one knows what Feldenkrais is until they have tried it. Commonly in the first session, one can get an improvement which is the basis for more improvements in subsequent sessions.

In the beginning it is best to come frequently. Once the improvements have settled in, one can taper.

What happens during an individual session?

Here is a series of photos from a married couple who shared a session.

How much does it cost?
  • Regular session. 50 Minutes.  $120.
  • Long session. 75 Minutes.  $180.
  • Short session. 35 Minutes.  $90. 

You can pay by Zelle, Venmo, Cash, Check, and Credit.

Zelle and Venmo are my favorite payment methods, and check the second favorite. Checks are made out to Maureen McHugh.  If you write your check in advance, session time is not needed for this task.

In case you are not familiar — *Zelle and Venmo are payment services that you use from your phone. There is no fee for either of us. Zelle is the service of a consortium of big banks, including Bank of America. Venmo is provided by PayPal.

How should I dress?

Please wear loose, comfortable, layered clothing, suitable for light exercise.  You will be more comfortable in baggy pants rather than tight jeans. It is best when the top is plain in texture – without woven ridges or printed designs. Please wear, or bring, clean socks.

Is Feldenkrais covered by insurance?

No, it is not.

If you have a Flexible Medical Spending Account (your own money, pre-tax), paperwork will be provided. Most people get reimbursement.

Can I share a session with another person?

Up to four people may book an Individual Session together.  The fee is the same as for one person.

Where is the office?

The office is in the Landmark section of Alexandria. The building is Landmark Tower, a high rise. It is mostly residential, but the first three floors are commercial.

Where do I park?

There is plenty of free outdoor parking. Parking is available on three sides of the building plus on Whiting Street. The largest parking area is in the back.

At the entrances to the parking lot there are fierce signs that warn of towing. Please do not worry about these! They only tow at night.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes. The appointment is made with a 24-hour cancellation policy. You may make any changes with 24 hours notice. Short of that, you are charged the whole fee.

If there is a weather advisory — snow, wind, rain — or any other condition that affects personal and public safety, the 24 hour policy does not apply. Safety first!

Do you provide receipts?

Yes. On request, email receipts are provided.


Yes, there are two short forms. If possible, it is nice if you can fill them out in advance, print them out and bring them with you.