Feldenkrais Outside

“Feldenkrais Outside” is a child of the pandemic, and a very welcome addition to the family.

A man stands on a basketball court
Ed is focusing on a coordination drill.

As the name says, it is a way to meet OUTSIDE.
We meet in a park.
It can be a break, when the weather is nice, from meeting on Zoom.

There are many standard Feldenkrais sequences that we can do while standing and sitting.
In addition, we can work on ball-handling, especially basketball and juggling, snd also soccer and tennis. Through drills that are tailored to you I can help you:
* Improve posture
* Develop upper body strength
* Improve aerobic condition
* Improve agility
* Improve balance
* Recalibrate mental balance
* Have fun on a regular schedule

Moshe Feldenkrais said: “Each of you will advance my method with your handwriting.”
Feldenkrais Outdoors is a way to do that.