A woman sits on a chair and turns to the right
A woman taking a Feldenkrais class explores a variation in a sequence about turning while sitting.

The Feldenkrais Method can help people who have arthritis by offering a gentle and intentional approach to movement.

Feldenkrais has the advantage of not being like regular exercise where the emphasis is usually on doing strong moves quickly and repeatedly. When you feel well, that is fun! But when that kind of movement hurts, and it is the only kind of movement you know, you tend to stop moving. This has all sorts of bad consequences, including weakened circulation, losing strength in your muscles and low spirits.

Feldenkrais, by contrast, gets you to move slowly and intentionally through sequences that are designed to optimize the clarity and efficiency of movement. If that sounds vague, it may only be because it is an unfamiliar way of thinking about movement: that clarity and good patterns are needed, possibly even more than strength.

Wonderful detail has been provided in an article in the magazine Arthritis Self-Management, in their issue of January-February 2013. Here it is:
The Feldenkrais Method: Stress-Free Exercise for People with Arthritis