Welcome to Wellness in Motion

Maureen McHugh PortraitHello. My name is Maureen McHugh, and I teach the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education in Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you find here valuable information and well-grounded encouragement.

Feldenkrais is a way — through movement — that I can help you make the improvements that are important to you.

  • I can help you feel less pain and more comfort.
  • I can help you make progress toward your goals, such as improving your posture, balance, breathing, walking, sportsmanship and musicianship.
  • I can help you regain strength and stamina
  • I can help you learn to help yourself.

The Feldenkrais Method is a teaching approach. It takes place through Group Classes and Individual Sessions. It is not part of the medical system and, therefore, is not covered by insurance. Just the same, many people who have Flexible Spending Accounts get reimbursement through them for the Individual Sessions.

The basic idea of the Feldenkrais Method is to start where you are, and from there make gradual improvements. Thus, it is good for everybody.

Although Feldenkrais is good for everyone, most people who seeks us out

  • are in pain
  • have been in pain for a long while
  • have already tried other, more familiar approaches, including Western and Oriental medicine
  • likely have received some benefit from the medical approaches, but not the full benefit that they are looking for
  • are strongly motivated to try another approach.

In what way is Feldenkrais another approach? It is a training system with an unusually wide reach. It is highly customized, whether in an Individual Session adapting to the person who is there, or in a Group Class, also responding to the people who are there. Highlights include:

  • training to become more self aware
  • learning to relax
  • strategies to improve the harmonious quality of your movement
  • learning more about anatomy, as applied to movement
  • learning about patterns of coordination, which have developed over the course of evolution
  • cultivating an awareness of options in movement, and in living
  • re-inhabiting the body if through pain or trauma you have dissociated from it
  • experiencing and systematizing exercise routines that work for you

For many people this process brings big benefits, such as relief from pain, expansion of horizons, and hope and joy.

Will Feldenkrais work for you? Well, you can’t just think about it! You have to try it to find out.

A great way to begin is with an Individual Session. Usually in one session I can learn enough to evaluate what is going on with you and make a recommendation of whether Feldenkrais will likely bring you benefit. You, also, will get in one session a sense of whether the approach seems likely to fit with your goals and preferences. When it is a good fit, usually there is a beginning amount of improvement in the first session that is the basis for expecting more improvement in subsequent sessions. If after the first session you decide to continue, it is often best, when possible, to come intensively for a few weeks and then taper. That way the new information has a chance to penetrate inward.

Alternatively, you could start with a Group Class. This is also a great introduction.

Are we not yet acquainted? Please be in touch. It will be a pleasure to meet you, and to get started doing my best — for you, and with you.