Success Story: In Good Hands

Sue with newly finished quilt

Sue is a fairly new, but very accomplished quilter. In the photo she is pointing out a detail on the quilt she has just finished for a friend’s wedding.

Before Sue got into quilting, she had some discomfort in her neck and hands. But when she really got rolling with quilting, the pain intensified. She was waking up in the middle of the night with pain, and also sometimes felt it during the day. Sometimes her hands went numb. She was already doing Feldenkrais at this point but, as she put it, “just for fun.”

With the intensification of the pain, Sue consulted doctors. One diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome and recommended surgery. So, she sought out a specialist in hand surgery. To her surprise, he was not sure surgery was the right answer. With this ambivalence, Sue decided instead to step up her Feldenkrais connection. Over several months of more frequent sessions, the neck and hand issues gradually subsided. Sue now feels really good in both areas.

Sue also discovered how deeply Feldenkrais touches her, at all levels. She made the decision to become a Practitioner. She is now a member of the Boston Feldenkrais Training. Congratulations, Sue!