Success Story: The benefit of making small changes in behavior

Bruce is getting ready to walk across the room

Bruce is in his early 70’s and has been living with Parkinson’s Disease for 25 years. He takes an active approach to maintaining fitness. He trains with different people five days a week. One of those days he comes to Feldenkrais.

Through Feldenkrais, Bruce is seeing a definite improvement in his gait. He feels more at ease as he walks and that his balance is better. Also, he is finding that his step is lighter; this makes life easier on his low back.

One thing that Feldenkrais has highlighted for him is the benefit of making small changes in behavior. For instance, while walking forward, when he focuses on the fact that the heel lands first, then you roll through the whole foot, and at the end you push off through your toes, when he focuses conscientiously on all that, then his balance is better.  “There are no miracles”, he says. But conscientious application is making a difference.